Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bandh, Rain & kolkata

That was a Bandh, that was a rainy day...we few friends were outside in search of some bandh thril. Being very disappointed by the loyalty of Kolkata wallas towards bandh we were returning was around 3:45 pm I was near Sealdah Station, its started raining afresh! After alomst half an hour things were very clean....really


  1. Hi Sharonindu, you are a reall artist.

  2. Thanks Mary for spending some time in blog.
    Thanks Amrita!

  3. Great sketch, it reflects immense talent.

  4. Your beautiful sketch does not give out the expected dirty roads that could be at Shealhah station Sharodindu. But I love Kolkata never the less :)))

  5. Excellent hand drawn artwork.... so much more skillful than my Grey Mare picture you kindly commented on.... It was nice to see a new name in my comments this morning thank you for taking the time to do so.

  6. Damn Nice Sketch....
    Greetings from Agra

  7. Nice Sketch... that is what i first noticed too.
    We are very loyal to bandh and harthal aren't we?
    Thanks for visiting.
    ♥ & ((hugs))

  8. I enjoyed your comment on my blog this morning about the fossils. I still have a lot of them I have not had time to see on the other side of the rocks.

    I enjoyed my first visit to your blog and the sketch is nice to see also. It does one good to make drawings of the things we see or know about.

  9. 'Bandh'ae matharam! you could paint a clean picture! Thanks for visitng

  10. Many aid, encouragement, kindness...
    From all over the world...

    Thanks to all of them.
    Tears of the heart will accept them.

    From Japan, ruma

  11. Did you paint and then photograph it?


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